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We understand that the fast-paced nature of trauma resuscitation won’t allow for traditional EHR reporting.

It is now possible to electronically document a trauma case. With RESPOND Scribe, we’ve developed a ground-breaking touch-entry system that allows you to input quickly and efficiently into the RESPOND flow sheet. This flow sheet is customized and modeled off of your current flow sheet, allowing your trauma scribe to transfer seamlessly to the new system.

RESPOND Scribe is a tablet-based module that allows for quick data entry without needing to use a keyboard or a mouse. The system is fully HIPPA compliant and uses the highest level of security. The access is role-based, which ensures the proper people have access. The clinical calculations and measurements are pre-determined in the software and are automatic, and the system interfaces with the RESPOND Registry module—and with your hospital’s EHR. The built-in clinical goals system will assist your team in hitting its time-sensitive goals. For instance, RESPOND Scribe will know, based on the type of trauma, if your patient needs a GLASGOW assessment—and by what time that assessment is needed to be completed.

RESPOND Scribe is especially powerful when paired with RESPOND Notify, our module that will automatically page staff when a new case arrives based on the level of trauma. You can predefine certain triggers in an event or in the patient’s outcomes (linking with RESPOND Scribe) that will automatically initiate notifications as well. When you input into RESPOND Scribe that your patient had a GLASGOW assessment of 7, RESPOND Notify will page the trauma team neurosurgeon, and also alert radiology to prepare for an incoming CAT scan.


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