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Our RESPOND system is your partner in Trauma Management and Performance Improvement, and partners don't leave after installation.  That’s why we at RESPOND stick with you through ongoing training, support, and improvements year after year.

Our ongoing support agreement includes many features and benefits that might surprise you!   These include:

Onsite support at your location, from Next Business Day to Same Day--Onsite in 4 Hours. We give three different level options to meet your center's needs.

Ongoing training is included with your support agreement. You have enough to worry about when you hire new staff, so let us handle the RESPOND training, which will allow staff to get up and running quicker!

New Every Three Years is our groundbreaking program—unlike anyone else in the industry. Why should you be forced to use outdated equipment or have to continue to submit capital budget items just to keep your systems current? Included within your support agreement is our NETY program, which replaces all of the RESPOND hardware and equipment every three years, so you always have the most up-to-date and advanced system in trauma!

Updates and new versions are always included with our support agreements. This means that we will never tell you that you have to buy a new update to get necessary functions (such as new ICD coding, like other vendors). We even automatically put you on a quarterly update cycle so you always have the newest RESPOND versions!

Surprised? Most of our customers are! Our support is just another example of what sets RESPOND apart in the trauma field.

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