RESPOND Arrivals is the quickest and most accurate way to track team arrivals.

Upon responding to a trauma, team members simply wave their badge by the RESPOND Arrivals station and their presence is automatically recorded. RESPOND knows when they arrive, their role, and even their required time and compares it to their expected response times based on ACS requirements or your trauma management team's set policies. You can even set different response times for different levels and types of traumas.

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RESPOND Review allows you to have all the tools necessary to help guide your team towards performance improvement.

RESPOND Review records everything that is done and said during a trauma activation, allowing you to review how your team interacts. It records the patient's vitals via an interface with your existing telemetry monitoring system so you can see how your team reacts to the changing condition of the patient. Then, when reviewing the activation with your team, RESPOND Review brings together the video, audio, patient vitals, your team's response time, and your clinical event goals, all on one screen. This allows you to have all the tools necessary to help guide your team towards performance improvement.

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We understand the unique challenges in managing forensic medical information.

With the new Respond Examiner system, forensic media, documentation, and administrative forms are stored securely in one centralized space. Extensive role-based permissions and EHR integrations ensure forensic cases are safe but accessible to those who need access.

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Frequently Asked Questions about RESPOND

Patient privacy is key and that is why the RESPOND Review system is fully HIPAA compliant. Some of our unique compliance features include:
  • Studies remain fully encrypted at all times and video playback streams are encrypted ensuring secure viewing by authorized staff members only
  • Automatic deletion of studies based on your hospital and/or state's designated time period
  • Role based security ensures only authorized people access the system and full audit logs track who views what studies and when
  • If required, Review can “lock” studies against access until patient consent is received
  • RESPOND is fully customizable and we will work with your hospital to craft the system to meet your needs
  • RESPOND does not require separate servers to be installed; instead, you can use a virtualized environment that your IT department can provide to us
  • The RESPOND system can also use a shared SQL server instance to reduce costs for implementation
  • RESPOND fully integrates with your Active Directory in order to streamline secure login, allowing users to use their current hospital accounts to ensure secure login to the RESPOND system
  • The RESPOND system is accessible on your facility’s intranet or from Internet Explorer or Chrome for easy and secure access by users
  • All of the equipment that we provide (including cameras, Arrivals kiosks, etc.) are powered by POE (power over ethernet), reducing cost and room preparation requirements
  • Trauma is 24/7 and so are we. If there is a problem or concern, we are here to help—any time, day or night
We’ve put together a comprehensive list of articles, journals, and studies done on the benefits of video review and automated arrivals trackingClick here.
Arrivals specifically assists with CD nos. 2-4, 2-8, 2-9, 5-11, 5-14, 5-15, 5-16, 6-7, 8-2, 8-4, 8-6, 11-2, 11-33, 15-1, 16-1, and 16-19, while Review assists with CD nos. 2-17, 2-18, 2-19, 3-3, 5-10, 5-20, 5-22, 5-25, 9-8, 10-36, 11-39, 15-1, 16-1, 16-19. For further information, visit the American College of Surgeons website.