The most efficient and effective way to perform team and peer review is through video review of trauma activations.

Trauma video capture is now widely recognized as a key component for trauma performance improvement. Video review had always been difficult to implement because of compliance issues, patient privacy laws, and technological requirements. RESPOND solves all these issues by using advanced security features that are HIPAA compliant and customized to meet your hospital’s compliance policies. By overcoming these traditional obstacles, RESPOND Review allows you and your team to view high quality video, audio, and patient telemetry during performance improvement meetings (all from a single screen), giving your team the tools and information it needs to improve.

RESPOND Review uses the highest quality 4K resolution cameras and audio equipment to capture high-definition video and audio of a trauma activation. The videos are securely stored on your hospital’s network. The system has a secure web portal that is HIPAA-compliant, and all video playback is encrypted. Teamed with RESPOND Vitals, it records the patient’s vitals via an interface with your existing telemetry monitoring system so you can see how your team reacts to the changing condition of the patient.

RESPOND Review can be used as a stand-alone system or in conjunction with other RESPOND modules to help you create a powerful set of performance improvement tools for your trauma center.

RESPOND Vitals is an important addition to RESPOND Review. It allows you to review the patient’s vitals and information side by side with the video, and it gives a comprehensive view of how your trauma team responds to the changing condition of the patient.

RESPOND Remote gives you the capability for remote viewing of a trauma. Trauma management can be notified when a new case arrives and live view their team’s progress during an activation. RESPOND Remote gives users the ability to view the live video and audio feed, patient vitals feed, participating team members, and even the actual digital flow sheet—all at your fingertips.